Pass Plus Course with Roadart driving school Morden.

Driving Instructors wishing to offer the pass plus program must be registered to do so. Our instructors are registered with the Driving Standards Agency to offer the Pass Plus program in the Sutton, Morden, Wimbledon and surrounding areas.

The Pass PlusProgram can be taken any time after you have passed your practical driving test.

The main aims of Pass Plus are

   To help you gain experience

   To build on your existing skills and knowledge

   To boost your confidence

To lower your insurance premiums (by doing Pass Plus you are showing insurance companies that you have more experience in more situations; therefore you are much less likely to have an accident).

There are 6 modules to Pass Plus, all of which need to be covered in order to complete the course. They are:

    Town driving

    Out-of-town driving

    All weather driving

    Night driving

    Dual carriageways


Don’t worry there is no test involved in the Pass Plus program and assessment is made by our own driving instructors,

Most clients who go on to take a Pass Plus like to do it with the instructor that they had whilst learning to drive, no problem this can be arranged.

 At the end of the course you will receive a certificate showing you have completed the course to the standard required.